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Coaching for Public Speaking in French

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An english speaker speaks:



on average per day

Imagine how your influence can count on each one of these words! To make them count, you need to use certain speaking techniques. It may be easy for a native english speaker. You might, however, need a coach, specialised in public speaking, to help you master the French language with confidence.

A french speaker speaks:



on average per day

If you are speaking French, the mental load is twice as high. As you know, the grammar is different and you will need more words to express your thoughts. Therefore, your potential to influence is far higher. The more you talk, the more you risk changing what you mean to say.

You want to be prepared in order to deliver
A speech
a meeting
a workshop
a presentation
a conference
a thesis defence
an interview
a TEDx talk
You want to be able to
Arouse interest
Develop your charisma
Express your own personnality
Manage your stress
Structure your thoughts
Improve your body language
Earn credibility

My Coaching

Are you stressed by the thought of speaking in French ? There are many techniques to help handle the stress, but you might just suffer from a lack of practice. Tell me your fears and I will meet your needs.

My coaching is designed for anyone, from beginner to experienced, individuals and professionals. In accordance with your abilities, your weaknesses, your project and its deadline, we can meet up regularly or occasionally. I can, if you wish, be there on the day of your event to support you beforehand, attend your performance and give you feedback.

The coaching sessions can be one-off (3 hours) or over several sessions (from 3 booked sessions of one and a half hours). Sessions can take place over Skype or Zoom. Any collaboration is preceded by a preliminary phone call, free of charge and commitment-free.

Coach en prise de parole en public, faites appel à mon expertise pour apprendre à être à l'aise et performant lorsque vous vous exprimez.

Working with me

My own personality plays a central role in my support and the quality of our sessions. It is easy for me to make complex ideas and your emotion understood by everyone. As I am honest, I will expect you to go beyond your fear of what other people think so that you can be yourself. I will challenge you and push you out of your comfort zone.

You can read more about me here.

I am also a coach for TEDx speakers in France. Click here to know more.


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The unlimited coaching

until you reach your objective!

(within the limits of 6 months)

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  4. We will then schedule the next sessions, following the steps I targeted we agree on in order to reach your objectives

Everyone is able to speak good French!